Polished Business Headshots with YUMCHOP

24 February 2022

Today's client spotlight is on husband and wife team, Abi and Michael. They are the co-owners of YUMCHOP, a food manufacturer and retailer of frozen and flavoursome meals with an African twist.

I was already a fan and customer of YUMCHOP before this dynamic duo came in for their business headshots. My boys and I always enjoy tucking into their signature smoky jollof and jerk chicken meals and then a naughty puff puff or four for dessert. Their meals are all so yummy and definitely worth checking out the next time you don't feel like cooking but want to enjoy a great meal. #thankmelater

business headshots wani olatunde

Abi and Michael won the pitch competition run by the Female Techpreneur hub and won a complimentary professional headshot photoshoot as part of their prize.

The first step once YUMCHOP was booked in was the branding and styling consultation which is a key part of the experience we offer at Wani Olatunde Photography. This is where we take the time to understand who you are as a business, how you want to be represented and who you are trying to attract with your online presence and messaging. We even give you detailed guidance on what to wear for your photoshoot so your overall branding aesthetic is aligned.

YUMCHOP is a rapidly growing business and at the time of their photoshoot, were in the process of updating their website to reflect their updated branding and offerings. So Abi and Michael needed a good mix of business headshots and branding photos they could use online and for social media. They were also in the middle of fundraising and needed polished professional portraits that helped them come across as the self-assured and capable business owners they are.

The goal was to blend their professionalism but still keep that authentic African twist that YUMCHOP is known for. And of course, I loved what we came up with. Enjoy this sneak peek into their story as told by Abi.

business headshots wani olatunde

Tell us a little bit about yourself, what do you do?

I’m married and a mum of 2 boys. I have a degree in Pharmacology and I'm a PMP certified project manager. I've been a Project Manager for over 18 years and took the plunge to work on our food business in 2018! I enjoy travelling and love reading and journaling.

What inspired your interest in the Food space? 

 I learnt to cook early in life with my sister growing up. Then I met my hubby, Michael who is just as passionate about cooking as me. We spend hours just creating meals and inviting friends over and just love seeing friends enjoying our meals.

What sets you apart from others in your space? 

Firstly, we want to bring Nigerian meals to the mainstream through fusion with meals from other cultures. Whilst there are many independent Nigerian restaurants, they have not had the chance to penetrate the mainstream market. We are therefore using our technology expertise to deliver our meals through our innovative vending Kiosk concept that has won us contracts with the NHS, Universities and now Transport for London!

business headshots wani olatunde

Who are your favourite customers to work with? 

Customers who appreciate flavoursome food. 

Has the pandemic experience taught you anything new about yourself?  

Yes, my resilience and strengthened my faith in God.

Let's get more personal - what meal could you eat every day for a year? #foodiealert 

Beans and sauce – Ewa agoyin!

business headshots wani olatunde

What always makes you smile? 

Lots of things, seeing my boys (had a history of fertility issues for over 7 years – still pinch myself to think I’m a mum), stumbling on a good book to read, family time, time out with the girlfriends...

Why did you decide to have your professional business headshots done now? 

We had a photoshoot for our meals as part of our re-branding and then not long after the opportunity for the photoshoot came. It seemed like it was the perfect timing since we never had one done for ourselves before.

Did you have any concerns or worries before the photoshoot? 

Concerns? Not really. I got really excited as the day got closer, it was an opportunity to focus on me / us not the business! 

business headshots wani olatunde

Did anything surprise you during your shoot?  

I loved the whole experience of the photoshoot – your personal touch in spite of the fact that the beautician was doing a great job, you noticed every detail and made some great suggestions for enhancements/improvement. You were very adaptable despite Michael’s limited time and you did a great job getting us relaxed to get the right shots. It was also fun.

How have you used your business headshots? 

On our social platforms including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and email marketing.

What benefits, if any,  have you experienced from having professional photoshoot?   

It really stands out and conveys professionalism.

Finally, where can people find out more about you?

You can find us using the following links: Website | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn

business headshots wani olatunde

If you've been in business for a few years now and are ready for some polished and elevated business headshots and personal branding photos to showcase your business and brand, then visit our personal branding page right here for more information on our services or get in touch here for a complimentary consultation.

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