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12 November 2021

So what makes the perfect headshot? In my professional opinion? The perfect headshot is one that helps you connect with your target audience. It piques their interest and makes them want to find out more about you. It's often scroll stopping and helps you build more engagement with your online communities. #winning

Today's client spotlight is on the the lovely Hannah. Hannah is the owner of and main hair stylist at Milton Keynes based salon, HK Hair.

As an experienced hair stylist, Hannah needed updated headshots for the different roles she plays in her business. As well as client work, Hannah also regularly contributes to online and offline publications, has her own monthly column and is starting to participate in more industry events. So we needed a couple of different looks to represent her different roles and speak to a range of audiences.

I absolutely love what we came up with and I think you'll have to agree - mission accomplished!

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1. Tell us a little bit about yourself, what do you do? 

I have been a qualified hair stylist for over a decade. Having previously worked as a HR specialist in the motor industry, I made a massive career change in my mid 20s (the same year I got married!) and took on a year long apprenticeship in hairdressing. I have now had my own successful business for 9 years, am still thankfully married to my awesome husband and since 2014 have become parents to our three children as well.

2. What inspired your interest in hairdressing?

When I worked in HR, I started to realise that I didn’t want my boss’ job, and for someone that was ambitious that was an obvious red flag. At almost the same time my husband and I were going to a lot of events and when people heard that I had styled my own hair, I kept getting told I was in the wrong job!

My wonderful Mum has been hairdressing since her teens and although she is my inspiration now, as she is so passionate about our industry… as a teen it made me want to choose something different! Her understanding of people and her compassion is so vital in our industry however this empathy is often overlooked. HK Hair is all about nurturing our clients and helping them to see their own beauty.

hair stylist headshots wani olatunde

3. What sets you apart from others in your space? 

Although I love the creative excitement of all types of hairdressing, my focus is always on confidence from within regardless of the setting.

My goal is for the person sitting in my chair to see the beauty that others see. As an awkward teenager and young adult lacking in self-confidence, I can completely relate to the discomfort that sitting in front of a mirror can bring to many and I pride myself in the compassion and understanding I hope to bring to every appointment.

We offer one on one bespoke hairdressing and guarantee you won’t be rushed in our chairs! As well as supporting my clients with their colouring, cutting and styling, I always ensure that they can manage their style on their own at home too.

Our salon is sustainable, and our focus is ensuring we support our community and environment, as well as the wellbeing of the team and clients.

4. Who are your favourite clients to work with? 

I literally love all of them!

I have so many clients that have followed our journey over the last 9 years of business and thank every one of them! Some have been with us from the start as regular hair colour and styling clients, some we have met as they plan their weddings and others since our world has changed.

Our one on one policy ensured our boutique and bespoke experience before the pandemic; however it has continued to ensure exclusivity and also safety as we navigate these challenging new times.

Feeling happy and confident in your skin every day is just as, or even more than, important than having fabulous hair on the big life events – we are just so privileged to share them all!

simple hair stylist headshots wani olatunde

5. How has the lockdown experience of 2020/21 changed or shaped your business going forward?

During the now numerous lockdowns, we focussed on our business model and developed ways we can increase our support reach and ensure our continued sustainability. Online tutorials, free virtual hair and skincare consultations, remote bridal meetups and selfcare events are now a permanent feature in our business plan to ensure we can support more individuals in seeing their inner beauty, even when this is over.

6. Why did you decide to have a photoshoot now? 

My professional answer is that I desperately needed images of me to represent my brand. I had been putting it off for far too long because I usually dislike having pictures taken of myself! Thankfully for my branding, I met Wani in late 2019 and immediately thought she would be someone I would want to collaborate with. Our business ethics are very similar, and she completely put me at ease before the shoot and on the day itself.

hair stylist headshots wani olatunde

7. Did you have any concerns or worries before the photoshoot? Or did anything surprise you during your shoot?  

Having given birth to three babies in the five years prior to my shoot, I had lots of concerns before the shoot! My biggest surprise (for someone with minimal physical self confidence) was that I felt really comfortable on the shoot itself! This was
obviously down to Wani’s awesomeness on the day but also all the amazing advice she provided before the shoot. Our virtual consultation and her epic list of things to remember ensured that I felt prepared and confident even before I arrived.

8. Let's get more personal - what meal could you eat every day for a year? #foodiealert 

Sushi – my absolute favourite and the only thing I missed during my three pregnancies.

hair stylist headshots wani olatunde

9. What always makes you smile? 

My babies – they were a dream for a too long and then we were blessed with three in four years. They make more mess than I could ever have imagine but seeing the world through their eyes is wonderful.

10. How can people find out more about you?

I would love to chat and sending a message through my website; via my messages on Instagram or Facebook @hairhkhair or send me an email! My salon is based in Milton Keynes but is appointment only so please give me a call first!

hair stylist glam headshots wani olatunde

Everyone needs a professional headshot, so whether you are a hair stylist, coach, makeup artist, actor or entrepreneur. Find out more about our headshot and personal branding services right here. If you have any questions, drop me a message at or via the contact form. Look your best today!

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