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4 November 2020

New Month, New Series!

I'm a pretty lucky gal! As a headshot photographer in Milton Keynes, I get to work with and celebrate amazing women doing fantastic things every day! I'd love for you to get to know them like I do so I've decided to have a Client Spotlight twice a month where I introduce you to some of my favourite clients. ūüôā

We start off this series with Social Media Manager and Facebook Ads Strategist, Natasha Leonards of AWE SOCIAL! I met Natasha at a local networking group back in January and we hit it off pretty much right away. Natasha is based in Milton Keynes and needed updated headshots for her brand new website. She wanted her images to come across as professional but approachable. Natasha is warm and vivacious and we had so much fun working together - I can't wait to do so again!

Since then, I've had the opportunity to work with Natasha on setting up my Facebook Ads for a headshot campaign and I love the way she is able to break down FB Ads into simple, digestible concepts that even simpletons like me can digest - lol. Natasha's highest priority is helping her clients achieve their goals as opposed to getting them to spend as much money as possible. This approach is priceless and I can highly recommend Natasha's services for all things social media and Facebook Ads! #thankmelater

Enough from me - here's Natasha!

milton keynes website headshots wani olatunde


Hi Natasha, tell us a little bit about yourself, what do you do?
Hello, my name is Natasha and I am a mum of three. I have spent a lot of my¬†parenting life working around my children ‚Äď then around 3 years ago I decided it was¬†time to find something I am passionate about and enjoy! I enrolled on a social¬†media course with Digital Mums and from there found my niche in Facebook &¬†Instagram ads.


What inspired your interest in social media?
I love being my own boss and in charge of my day. This role enables me to work around my life which is fantastic!


What sets you apart from others in your space?
My USP I feel is the time and attention I am able to give my clients. I am at the end of the phone or email! This is different when working with an agency where you are often dealing with different people. I give my work 100% and really enjoy getting the best results I can for clients.


Who are your favourite clients to work with?
I love the more creative areas ‚Äď I work for a hair salon at the moment and I enjoy the¬†creative freedom and fun we can have with their social media!
milton keynes website headshots wani olatunde


How was the March lockdown experience for you? Did you learn anything new about yourself?
Lockdown was difficult initially as lots of my clients pulled back on their social media. I decided to do some free work for some local companies to try to keep them visible.


Why did you decide it was the right time to have a photoshoot? 
When I was building my website I knew I wanted some really great professional photos. I had met Wani at a local networking event and really liked her vibe. <aww thanks Natasha>


Did you have any concerns or worries before the photoshoot? Or did anything surprise you during your shoot?
I wasn’t concerned about the shoot, I knew it would be fun! Having my hair and makeup done was fantastic and made me feel really special.


Let's get more personal - what meal could you eat every day for a year? #foodiealert
I could eat eggs for a year!


What always makes you smile?
My dog, cute animals, Modern Family, my daughter sleeping, all make me smile!!


milton keynes website headshots wani olatunde


How can people find out more about you?
To find out more about me visit my website www.awesocial.co.uk or find me on LinkedIn!
You can also find Natasha via her Facebook and Instagram channels depending on where you like to hang out. ūüôā


As a Milton Keynes headshot photographer, I love seeing how clients use their headshots on their websites and social media. Here's a little sneak peek into the different ways Natasha used her images. I love how all the colours tie together. Just another example of how cohesive branding helps present you as a professional, thoughtful business - something we discuss extensively in our pre shoot consultation.



NL website 1 2






NL linkedin 2

Currently updating your website and in need of some brand new headshots in Milton Keynes? Then get in touch right here and we can have a chat about how I can help.

Till next time. x


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