Life in the time of Covid19 | Week 3 of Lockdown

8 April 2020

Woah - 2020 has been a pretty "special" year, hasn't it!!!

I feel like we started off the decade super excited about our awesome plans and somewhere along the way, we took a sharp unexpected turn off the motorway and are now bumping along a rocky unmarked path - unsure of where we are headed or when we will get there! ?

We've all been impacted in a variety of ways, so first of all - WELL DONE, for hanging in there! You are doing great!!! ?

Some people have thrown themselves into overdrive; taking business online and doing everything they can to keep moving forward. Others have gone the other way, taking themselves offline completely - needing time to process everything and maybe just focus on family.

I myself spent the first week or so feeling pretty unsettled and more than a little overwhelmed but I think the kids and I are slowly settling into our new normal thankfully.

There really is no right or wrong approach here - just do what works for you TODAY. #onedayatatime (Confession: I'm more like #onehouratatimenow - lol! ?)

I wanted to share my 3 quick tips that have helped me stay grounded during this difficult time:

1) Mindset - I constantly remind myself that this situation is temporary and there will be life (and work / income) post Covid-19. So I'm focusing on laying the groundwork now so I can hit the ground running whenever that may be.

2) Family - weekly video calls with friends and family has really helped with isolation.

3) Daily walks - I have 2 young boys with bundles of energy - so our hour outside has been a life and sanity saver. The gorgeous weather we are currently having doesn't hurt either. ?

I've started a bucket list for life post Covid19. Mine includes a spa weekend ALONE and dining like a king at my favourite restaurants. What's the first thing you're going to do when we are free again?

Hang in there and we look forward to life post C19!!!

Stay safe

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