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hello gorgeous...

Thank you for booking your portrait session with Wani Olatunde Photography. I am so excited to share in this incredible experience with you!

I believe every woman deserves an amazing portrait that makes you feel seen and beautiful and confident and it is my mission to create the most beautiful portraits you have ever seen of yourself!

Over the next week, make an extra effort to really pamper yourself. Drink plenty water, start stretching daily and maybe sneak in a little spa treatment even if it's a DIY one.

Have any burning questions? Drop me a quick mail using the link below. See you soon. 

Wani x
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Gather & Organise Outfits
Be sure to look over the "What to Wear" email sent previously. Don't forget about the underwear and accessories.

Remove hair where you would; so eyebrows, legs, underarms and bikini (if applicable). Make sure you do this at least a couple of days before your shoot to make sure any redness and / or inflammation has gone down.  

Avoid Fake Tanning 
Ideally please avoid using any spray tan or tanning lotion before your photoshoot. Orange skin tone is not attractive and will cost extra to edit as it has to be outsourced. If this is an absolute must, please use a professional so it's seamless and definitely give it time to settle. 

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate 
Water is your friend. It will give you clear, glowing skin, reduce any bloating and even smoothen out fine lines. Aim for the recommended 2 litres a day.


Have a manicure & pedicure
Makes sure your nails are groomed. Soak and moisturise your feet and heels so they look good. In terms of colours - soft neutral colours work well. If you love bright colours - then do you! Just make sure they don't clash with your outfits. Don't forget to paint your toes too as they may show too. 

Touch up any unwanted body or face hairs that may have sprouted up last minute. 

Body scrub 
Do this a couple of days before your shoot to remove any dead or dry skin. Don't forget to moisturise lots.

Beauty Sleep
Make sure to get 7-8 hours of sleep so you feel well rested ahead of your photoshoot. 

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day of shoot

Have a small breakfast for energy but nothing that will make you bloat.

Come with a clean, dry face. Use your normal moisturiser but no makeup and nothing oily.

Don't forget to moisturise your body too.

Make sure your hair is clean and dry, ready to be styled.

Wear loose fitting clothing to avoid any lines. Come in something stretchy or with buttons or a zip so it's easy to take off after you are done with hair and makeup. 

Please arrive on time so it's a relaxed and enjoyable experience for you.

Be prepared to have a fabulous time. :-) 


We want you to have the best time - so if you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch via text or email. 

Wani x

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